Christian I. Holston

Aug 192010

Yeah, yeah, I said I’d never buy another RP book, but I went ‘n’ dun it.  After reading or glancing through the main books in PDF format, I decided I may as well get the “real” thing.  So, after looking around my local hobby shop, I found someone willing to sell their used books for a great price.  I got the main World of Darkness book, as well as Vampire: The Requiem, Mage: The Awakening and Werewolf: The Forsaken from a guy here in town.  He also threw in Antagonists and Second Sight for a grand total of 40 bucks.  Some of the bindings are a little worn, but other than that, I feel pretty good about my purchase. I have a feeling that we’ll be using them all at some point.

 I just need to find a good used copy of the new Changeling and Hunter books and I think I’m set.

Aug 182010

Science! Science! Everywhere I go I hear the prattle of Science!  The Science of the Mind.  The Science of Physics, Calculus and Art. The Science of Transportation, Food and Love. The Science of Race.


The Science of Spirit.


At long last, our project may be a reality, and I now fear more than ever for our future.


What we foresaw as a means of controlling mortal minds, now may be a weapon used against Us.  What we hoped would preoccupy, now threatens to expose the very nature of our existence.  We must hide ourselves from the probing violation of Science.  For Science has come full circle and has taken hold of Religion once again.


Look around the Continent now.  The wonder of the pre-war years, a gentle mixture of fancy, myth and Progress has all but faded now.  Where clear distinctions were thought to finally be coming about, now, one has invaded the other.  Science was on the verge of clearly defeating Religion. Where once the Church, Kepler and the Grimm Brothers lived in happy disregard for one another, now there are True Alchemists.  Coming is an age of the likes Johann Konrad Dippel; men with feet in Two Worlds, ruling both!


On the surface, you may, my friends, see this as a good thing, as a restructuring of the mortal mind. The integration of Our World and Their World.  We will all live in happy coordination, as some of the followers of the Twisted Cross are fond of saying. But, I fear, this will not be case.


Mark my words, when this Hitler holds all of Germany in his fist–and it will be soon–we will all tremble and pray for the return of crippled kings whose childish fascination with luck and little fairy women are harmless and dismissible. The gods of old will return and none will find peace amongst the teeming Sleeping masses.


Already we have heard rumors of his power.  The Vienna Cabal have, according to rumor, tried to snare him twice, and the sod just slipped through their fingers, despite the fact that they have made it clear they believe he is to be a new Muhammad. When Hitler appeared in Munich, it was our Colleague in the Arts Dietrich Eckart who was there to attempt a Magickal solution.  While, as we all know, Eckart did pass on some secret knowledge, it is not clear to what degree Hitler could actually be contained.  Some force, perhaps, his “Providence”–but who knows what beings this really refers to–guides him.  To what end, I am unsure. 


I only foresee much anguish in Our World due to this little man.


I fear most for the Old Ones–the shapeshifters, faeries and nightstalkers–for they are not as adaptable as we.  They are not as Human as we.  The Universe itself keeps us in the check, but of the others, the Sleepers alone define the boundaries of their existence.  They will be no more than the Jews, Communists and Antisocials before the Nazis and there will be nothing their Powers can do to stop it.


So, hide yourselves.  Hide well.  Let Us disappear into vague half-memories and cloudy nightmares or this new threat will gobble us up. For, if We are found out, We will be ground to a pulp, our Blood and Spirit used to fuel insane dreams of Thousand Year Nightmares.


Anonymous Letter to the Editor

The Eastern Star Magazine, Feb. 1st, 1933 [a few days after Hitler becomes Chancellor]