Dec 182010

The party meets at Maria’s estate where they are told that the book has been fully translated after consultation from various experts.  Apparently, an “old one” arose in 1908 in Siberia.  The “old one” apparently is the author of the Anathema discipline.  Some speculation arose that the Lasombra may be on the lookout for the book (as the Sabbat has a keen interest in “Caine sightings”) and the shadowy creature in Dubi fits the description of some of their minions.  A rumor about a rogue vampire was discussed: three obvious vampiric deaths were reported in downtown Leipzig over the past few weeks and the Seekers “suggested” that the party remain at the estate.


Soon after the party was informed that a vistor was at the gates.  The fellow turned out to be a scraggly Russian named Vyacheslav Pugach.  He claims that he is new Prince of Leipzig and suggests that no one enter the city.  As he leaves, Markus follows him into the woods.  Markus then turns into a wolf and Vyacheslav turns into a strange bear-like creature.  Markus is promptly mauled, having his throat nearly torn out.


The party takes the torpored Markus back to the estate.

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  1. Tuesday 1st of May, 1934:

    Another 1st of May is coming to an end. There were, of course, few demonstrations, and whatever gatherings I saw were organised and supervised by the SPD.

    Grandfather never liked this day. He said that any landowner worth his salt would treat his people honourably, with respect. There was no need for demonstrations and speeches to deal with a landowner who did not.

    In this, I think he was mistaken, though. What I have seen here, well, maybe the day is not _needed_ as such, but it does, or at least did, help giving the workers a sense of unity. Until Blood May, that horrible day back in 1929.

    I was not there, of course, since this happened in Berlin. SPD banned the demonstrations, and KPD decided to go ahead anyway. It was a certainty that there would be trouble. But that more than 30 people died, and almost a hundred were seriously injured, that was far worse than I had expected.

    At least this 1st of May was far more peaceful.

    On another note, it seems we have a visitor. The others assume he is Russian; since that came from Doktor Rabe, I am willing to assume he is right, until I meet the man for myself.

    It seems he attacked the feral one, from what I heard, after Markus had followed him. They also speculate that he is the Lasombra. That assumption may be correct, but it would be a mistake to act as if it that were true.

    Still, from what the others said, there was no doubt at all that there was a new player on the field, and a powerful one at that. I wish I had met him.

  2. My…what a breathtaking creature you are!

    So…so we were called back to the manor…and…um…Maria..

    You, my sweet, must tuck away that exquisite little nipple right this instant if you wish me to focus on either this piano, or my story!

    Ahh, how bitter the loss, how sweet the promise.

    So, the estate. It seemed that there was a new player in town, bodies were turning up with no rhyme or reason behind them except for exsanguination being the cause of death. Maria asked us to stay near the estate for a few weeks while the situation was assessed. Alfred and I attempted to comply, within the boundaries of our commitments. In the interim, the Seekers had the book translated and from it gleaned that an old one had woken up in the early part of the century and had been the source of this new power.

    What? Yes, utterly terrifying. Once you get that old…there�s nothing human left. They sometimes sleep for centuries as a way to stave off madness.

    Well yes, I suppose that could happen to me someday – I try very hard to stay firmly grounded in the modern world – it keeps me busy and I find the pleasures much more satisfying.

    In any event, a few weeks later, a chap arrived at the gates, Russian, looked like hell. Told us he was in charge of the city now, and it would be a good idea to stay clear. I put in a call to the woman who was actually in charge of the city to let her know, and while I was doing so, Markus decided to follow this fellow into the woods, where, apparently, he was ripped to ribbons. We brought him back to the manor to recover.

    And where d you think you�re going?

    Oh? You think I allow just anyone into my private chambers?

    Mmm…well in that case, I�m convinced…

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