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The Seekers want you to find a missing book.  Apparently, Maria’s agent in Prague acquired a notebook from someone concerning the Anathema discipline–where it came from and what is behind it.  The Seeks trust the agent, Hans, are were awaiting an in-person report when the agent and his driver were reported missing.  The car was found near the town of Dubi in the Sudeten Mountains across the Czech border.


The Seekers enlist the aid of the players asking them to discreetly recover the notebook.  They did not want their names brought up at all.  Maria though has made connections with the Prince of Dubi–who informed the Seekers of the missing men in the first place.  Dusan was informed in advance of the coming Party. 


Once the party managed to get transport (Johannes’ car, a truck and Fred on a motorcycle), they were stopped at the Czech border in the middle of night.  Alfred says they are going to Dubi to put on a  concert, which makes the guard suspicious.  The guard makes Alfred get out the car and is searched.  He finds weapons and the whole car is about to be searched when Johannes uses his powers to convince the guard to intentionally disobey his orders and let the party pass without any trouble.


Once the party gets to Dubi, they notice some men fixing an old German army truck.  They are clearly soldiers.  Gasper, Dusan’s Seneschal, meets the party and brings them to an old inn.  Once the group has been given refreshments, Prince Dusan tells them where the car is.  The party explains that they are looking for some kind of package.

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  1. Yes! Screaming and babbling away!

    They came up the stairs shortly thereafter, Fritz still chattering on about the end of the world or somesuch. Maria decided it was time to get the lot of us involved. The four of them had apparently had a courier out retrieving some artifact or another and he got himself lost in Czechoslovakia. I made a few phone calls to make sure the club was taken care of, and put a call into Klarie to find out her relationship with this Prince Dusan fellow in Dubi. So Marcus comes along with Katja, Alfred and I in the limo while the rest take a whole lot of time to decide to pile into one of Maria’s trucks, except for Freddie, who decided to take a motorcycle.

    The Czech border was tightly guarded, and a suspicious fellow decided he wasn’t going to listen to me and patted down Alfred instead, and of course found the guns he carries. Oh yes! He’s quite a dangerous fellow, our Alfred. So it took a judicious application of my little trick to convince them to let us into the country.

    What? Oh wouldn’t you like to know….

    Hah hah, no it doesn’t have to be like that. Not like with you…it can be different….

    We stopped in the woods ion the side of the road to get through the day, and some scruffy little bastard came out of the woods and approached Alfred, but wandered off when the rest of us started waking up.

    We roll into Dubi the next evening, come across a couple of chaps working on an old German surplus truck. The city Senechal met us, warned us off the guys, as they were hunters, and took us to the Prince. We announced ourselves got a taste, and decided to head out to where they found the truck…

    What? Why yes, I can absolutely play you something. Come up onto the stage here….

  2. This is not, I fear, an auspicious beginning at all.

    The task itself is simple enough; find the notebook that Maria von Landenberg’s servant was bringing to her. But even before we left, the problems started. The only two men who could drive, the musician, Johannes Nacht’s servant, and the young one, Friedrick, insisted on driving their own vehicles. One a car that could fit four, and the other a motorcycle. Even though Maria was willing to lend us her truck, with room for everyone. And though she did lend us a driver, the fact that it was even necessary does not bode well for the continued mission.

    Maria’s servant disappeared close to Dubi, a small town in Czechoslovakia. Meaning we would have to cross the border, with all the complications that would entail. And though there are no hostilities between Czechoslovakia and Germany at this point, both countries still remember our history. We were, after all, allied with Austria-Hungary, now the Republic of Austria, before and during the Great War. And the republic of Czechoslovakia was once a part of that empire, but declared independence after the Great War. And as if that was not enough, they were ceded Sudetenland, including the areas settled mostly by Germans. Granted, they have done well since they became independent. Still, those of German origin who live there probably would have preferred living under German, or possibly Austrian-Hungarian rule.

    And then there is the simple fact that we lost the War. We were forced to take the blame for it, though that is not the truth. That adds to the problem. And though the War ended years ago, it still lives in people’s minds. So some, especially if they feel injured by it in some way, might grab that chance to get some measure of revenge.

    In short, when crossing the border, we might expect trouble, or even harassment. To to avoid attention and problems, we need to make certain they have nothing specific they can use against us. And what did that fool of a servant do? He brought his guns, even after being told that being outside of Germany, the regular licenses were not sufficient. And when he told the border guards that we were headed to hold a concert in Dubi, a village with, what, a thousand citizens, maybe two, the guards got suspicious.

    Johannes used his powers, ‘convincing’ the guard commander to let us pass. Though it is a good thing that noone actually fired a weapon, I just hope that this will not give us any trouble when we head back across the border.

    We could always go through the mountains, but I do not think the others wish to risk it. We already had an encounter, though a peaceful one, with the local Garou. I mean, what else can he be? He was wary of us, of course, and the others were wary of him. I wish I had been given the opportunity to talk to him.

    At least we reached Dubi without any further problems. What we will find here, however, is another matter. I just hope this beginning was not a portent of what is to come.

  3. What a bunch of twits! Maria is going to have our hides if the puppies or army don’t get them first. Why does that fop always let his damn butler do the talking? It’s bad enough to trust a mage but clearly there is something not right with his head if he lets him stammer through talking to the border guards while armed to the “teeth”. We’ll be lucky to make it back aliv…in one piece, let alone with whatever this missing book is supposed to be.

    Too bad that little tease didn’t take a ride with me on the bike. I’d have shown her what riding with a man is really like.

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