Oct 162010

In the year 1933 . . .

  • 30 Jan., Hitler becomes Chancellor
  • 3 Feb., Lebensraum defined as the true purpose of the Nazi Party
  • 27 Feb., Reichstag fire
  • 5 Mar., Nazi party claims 44% of general election vote
  • 20 Mar., Dachau concentration camp (KZ) created
  • 23 Mar., Enabling Act passes due to an alliance between the Catholic Centre Party and the Nazis
  • 31 Mar., Communists and other “enemies of the Fatherland” are excluded from government
  • 1 Apr., First boycott of Jewish shops
  • 7 Apr., Jews and non-Aryans are banned from practicing law and working in the civil services.
  • 26 Apr., Gestapo formed by Herman Goering; Nazi take over local governments
  • 1 May, Trade union offices are stormed by SA
  • 2 May, Trade unions are officially banned
  • 10 May, Book burnings begin
  • 14 Jul., All political parties, except the Nazi party, are banned
  • 20 Jul., Reichskonkordat signed with Rome. Violations begin immediately.
  • 21 Oct., Germany withdrawals from the League of Nations

The campaign will begin on the night of 21 Oct, 1933.   (The prelude combat exercise will happen ‘some time before’ this date.)

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