Sep 272010

Yesterday, we got 5 player characters created.  I had forgotten how complicated things can get, but, in the end, it went well.  I’m amazed at how different characters can be in the World of Darkness and how completely customizable any template can be.  You really can make any kind of character you want, even the ‘useless’ characters are rather interesting and completely viable.

 Today, I played out the first prelude.  It took me a bit of time to understand what I was doing, but Kal was a good sport.  I wanted to establish some PC-NPC relationships through RP instead of just forcing them.

 You may post your journals concerning your prelude here (for 1 xp).

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  1. Can I get you another drink?


    No, I’m quite alright at the moment, thank you.

    So where was I?

    Oh yes…so honestly I felt like I was being set up. You have to remember in these circles, it’s nearly unprecedented for someone of my relative youth and inexperience to be elevated so high. I was sure they had something up their proverbial sleeves. But how could I refuse? It was an honor, and I was sure Felicie would be understanding, if not proud. At least that was my hope – she was still being groomed for the role of Seneschal anyway. I accepted, naturally, and started thinking about how I could fulfill the duty without being able to be in ten places at once.

    Luckily, the opportunity arose shortly thereafter at a dinner party hosted by Heir Rambert Flaschen at his castle.

    The event was a send-off for some youth who was heading to the States to study anthropology, Alfred and I suffered through the hours of small-talk until finally just a few principals were chatting over cigars and brandy.

    You really are quite lovely – forgive my forwardness, I was momentarily entranced by the candlelight flickering in your eyes.

    The study, yes – so Rambert goes on and on about some nonsense about being the descendant of a god or some such – all of us just amusing him. What I really wanted though was time to follow up with Arthur Dietrich…yes, the chief of police…about keeping me into the loop about the goings on at the places of Elysium that I was supposed to be responsible for. It was strange though, Rambert’s goings-on weren’t just draining on a psychological and intellectual level – Alfred and I both felt that he was draining us somehow, in some real, tangible way, with his insufferable nonsense. Maybe there’s something to his being descended from some supernatural entity.

    In any event, Rambert asked me if I would provide occasional music instruction to his Hitler Youth at the castle, and of course I agreed, I’m sure the favor will be repaid when next I have a need. I finally raised a toast to such friendly relationships, putting a little of my personal je ne sais quoi behind it, which seemed to enthrall Arthur immensely. I took that tactically perfect moment to ask after my favor, and he agreed enthusiastically. Now, if anything is reported at any of our places of Elysium, Alfred and I am notified. A very convenient arrangement – the police don’t have to deal with anything supernaturally dangerous, and I don’t have to hire an army of bruisers to keep an eye on the places.

    What’s that? My personal…? Oh, yes – it’s a little trick of mine…would you like to see it? Here….

    You look like you could use another drink….

  2. �This is the true Annunciation. You know me Mr. Tanner. I�m the girl. The beautiful abomination who knows it�s all a lie. A lie. Where was this savior when this happened to me? Why do I still walk when no blood pulses though my body? How could this be allowed? This�this beautiful abomination.�

    She glides her hand down the edge of the smooth cool picture frame, caressing the corner before letting her hand drop. She turns, looking into the mirror, tucking a midnight strand of hair behind her delicate ear, and smiles sweetly before exiting her dressing room.

    �Was I worth the wait?�she purrs. The naked man nods enthusiastically. A thick muscled, man with fine features lays gagged, hands tied to the bed posts and ankles bound together. The man appears to be mesmerized by the woman.

    �Kat is back.� Whispers the woman clad in a satiny-black robe. She slinks her way onto the bed, straddling the man and crawling her way up his body. She stops at his navel and dips her head to place her tongue above it. Playfully she twirls and flicks a trail to his neck.

    �We�re both monsters in our own ways.� she whispers against his skin. The man groans in response. �Two evils and the one without a pulse is the better of the two.� She purrs softly before sinking into his neck. She sucks hard and the man arches his back with alarm in his eyes. She drinks deep and long, the man squirms and the woman moans. The squirming slowly diminishes until the man lies still and cold. The woman raises her head and licks her lips. She gazes into the dead depths of the man�s eyes before closing the lids and walking away.

    She picks up the phone and dials. It rings and a man answers �hello?�

    �Hello, love. I have another one for you. �she says and hangs up.

  3. Who am I? You can call me Viktoria, though I was given the name Wilhelmina at birth. My full name was Wilhelmina Helma Ottilia. My family’s name, I will keep out of this; they no longer acknowledge me.

    I was born south of Koln, Prussia in 1896. At the time of my birth, Wilhelm II was still the king and emperor of Prussia, and as my mother was rather fond of our Deutscher Kaiser und Konig von Preussen, I was given the name Wilhelmina. At least she never lived to see his ‘abidcation’ in 1918.

    My grandfather was an old Prussian soldier, an officer, of the kind you rarely find these days. There are some; the Prussian blood is strong, and it is good to know that some, at least, remember what it means to be Prussian. My grandfather named me Helma, after Helmuth von Moltke, who, though not a Prussian of birth, joined the Prussian forces and became one of her leading strategists of the last century. And he named me Ottilia, after Otto von Bismarck, whom he considered to be one of Prussia’s greatest statesmen.

    My mother was the only child of a minor noble; too small to be mentioned in the history books. The family kept to itself, much, though some of the people from the village nearby visited grandfather frequently. There were, or so I learned from some other children once I visited the village, rumours of dark secrets, of violence, and some say, mental illness. The truth is even more strange.

    My father was a wanderer. He was a British scholar, and my mother, unmarried, spent several nights with him. Then he left, leaving my mother with kind memories, and me growing in her belly. In most families, this would have been a problem, but it seemed my grandfather, her father, was happy enough, even if he was disappointed when it proved I was a daughter, and not a son. Still, for reasons that would become clear when I grew older, it did not matter too much to him.

    As for father, mother always said he would have married her had she asked him, but she enjoyed her freedom, and so he left.

    My mother, like her father, my grandfather, was Garou, more specifically of the Children of Gaia. I was raised knowing what she was, and what I am. My father meant little; he was just a way for her to find a father that would not interfere in the future of the child.

    And though this might not not, from what I understand, be the way things are usually done, my grandfather, and his family, did things in their own way. In this, and other things besides. I suppose that is where I got that from.

    My grandfather made sure I was tutored properly. I learned both Latin, Greek and, for some reason, Hebrew. And he made sure I learned about other things as well, among them the mysteries of the Kabbalah, and the lore of our people, and of the Wyrm. Still, he also made certain that I was ‘brought up properly’ as he put it, and so I was also taught by the village priest, like the other children. How, exactly, my grandfather managed to combine this faith with the teaching of the Lupines; I certainly never could.

    When I was 18, der Kaiser’s friend, Franz Ferdinand, archduke of Austria-Este, heir to the Austrian throne, was assassinated, and though historians (and others) seem to disagree on what exactly happened, we suddenly found ourselves in the midst of a great war. A war that would prove to be the greatest the world had ever seen. For a few weeks, I thought this was the greatest, most dramatic, happening in my life.

    But in September 1914, something else happened that changed my life forever. I was 18, as I said, and for some reason, I had still not gone through my first change. That did bother me, of course. At that point, I had nigh given up, thinking I would be nothing more than Kinfolk, never run through the forest feeling the earth under four paws, rather than two feet. My mother was worried about me, as she felt it was becoming more and more of an obsession with me. She might have been right, as I by then was pouring over whatever documents and books I could find pertaining to the Garou in some way, in the hopes of finding a way that would assist me in becoming a part of the Garou, rather than remain just Kinfolk.

    September 1st, 1914, however, my life changed. My family, being what it was, often spent the nights outdoors. While we lived close to Koln, our estate was in the countryside, with wide forests surrounding us. None of us feared being alone in the forest at night, as noone would be foolish enough as to touch us.

    That night, however, I was attacked by someone, or something. It was Tuesday night, I was on my way home after having spent some time with friends. My mood was dark, since they had both gone through the Change, and I had not. So I paid less attention to my surroundings than I should have. I do not remember much of it, but that was the night I first changed. When I came home that night, for some reason, my grandfather was furious, and my mother was horrified. He made some horrible claims, disinherited me, and threw me out.

    I heard later, through channels that need to remain nameless, that my mother died soon after. I did not even dare to go back for her funeral, I do believe my grandfather would have killed me.

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