Dec 182010

The party meets at Maria’s estate where they are told that the book has been fully translated after consultation from various experts.  Apparently, an “old one” arose in 1908 in Siberia.  The “old one” apparently is the author of the Anathema discipline.  Some speculation arose that the Lasombra may be on the lookout for the book (as the Sabbat has a keen interest in “Caine sightings”) and the shadowy creature in Dubi fits the description of some of their minions.  A rumor about a rogue vampire was discussed: three obvious vampiric deaths were reported in downtown Leipzig over the past few weeks and the Seekers “suggested” that the party remain at the estate.


Soon after the party was informed that a vistor was at the gates.  The fellow turned out to be a scraggly Russian named Vyacheslav Pugach.  He claims that he is new Prince of Leipzig and suggests that no one enter the city.  As he leaves, Markus follows him into the woods.  Markus then turns into a wolf and Vyacheslav turns into a strange bear-like creature.  Markus is promptly mauled, having his throat nearly torn out.


The party takes the torpored Markus back to the estate.

Dec 042010

After waking up, the party decides it’s time to leave Zardov’s little keep.  Once the group goes up stairs, they hear the sound of the door slamming, men talking and then a death rattle.  The group approaches the doorway, where they see Zardov’s body quickly decomposing into dust.  Just then they notice a figure, composed, seemingly of pure shadow.  It’s luminescent eyes regard them for a movement as if carefully deciding its next move.  It sinks into the floor and is gone.


The party steals a couple fancy cars and proceeds down the rutted old mountain road toward Germany. Friederick drives on ahead and is stopped by Czech border guards, but successfully uses his disciplines to get the whole party into Germany.


Once back at Maria’s, the group doesn’t make the Seekers particularly happy.  Though they book had been recovered, it was at the at the expense of an international incident, a pissed off prince, and the possible involvement of hunters and werewolves.  Felicie quickly grabbed the book and that’s the last you’ve seen of it.


About two months later, Prince Klara calls a small conclave in which she gives another long and rather boring lecture on the dangers of modern governments, the importance of the Traditions, especially the Masquerade and introduces Wyprect, the new Nosferatu primogen.  She publically, and unexpectedly, chastises the player group for stirring up trouble before dismissing everyone to their own devices.

Nov 202010

After waking up on the evening of 24 October 1933, the group discovers that the Czech army has rolled into Dubi.  They have already impounded the three vehicles the group came in on and were preparing for a more elaborate search of Dubi.  Dusan, the Prince of Dubi, while remaining outwardly calm, asks that the party leave as soon as possible.


The group heads out on foot and after going about 2 miles up the road, the discover the courier’s car.  The men apparently left it without a struggle.  Another group of footprints (which smelled of werewolf) lead the couriers down the road. From there the party heads up to an ancient ruin and are met by a man and a young lady.  They are clearly werewolves and, once Viktoria explains what they are doing, seem rather amused.  Other werewolves circle the group.  Then they are told they can go talk to Theobald Zardov, one of Dusan’s childer.


When the party gets to Zardov’s odd keep, they are welcomed and the book is turned over in short order.  Zardov admits that the men’s deaths were his fault, but doesn’t really explain what that means, nor does he really explain the relationship he has with the werewolves or with his Sire, Dusan.  He simply, and quickly, finds a place for the players to rest for the day and leaves.

Nov 062010

The Seekers want you to find a missing book.  Apparently, Maria’s agent in Prague acquired a notebook from someone concerning the Anathema discipline–where it came from and what is behind it.  The Seeks trust the agent, Hans, are were awaiting an in-person report when the agent and his driver were reported missing.  The car was found near the town of Dubi in the Sudeten Mountains across the Czech border.


The Seekers enlist the aid of the players asking them to discreetly recover the notebook.  They did not want their names brought up at all.  Maria though has made connections with the Prince of Dubi–who informed the Seekers of the missing men in the first place.  Dusan was informed in advance of the coming Party. 


Once the party managed to get transport (Johannes’ car, a truck and Fred on a motorcycle), they were stopped at the Czech border in the middle of night.  Alfred says they are going to Dubi to put on a  concert, which makes the guard suspicious.  The guard makes Alfred get out the car and is searched.  He finds weapons and the whole car is about to be searched when Johannes uses his powers to convince the guard to intentionally disobey his orders and let the party pass without any trouble.


Once the party gets to Dubi, they notice some men fixing an old German army truck.  They are clearly soldiers.  Gasper, Dusan’s Seneschal, meets the party and brings them to an old inn.  Once the group has been given refreshments, Prince Dusan tells them where the car is.  The party explains that they are looking for some kind of package.

Oct 262010

Some Notes on Czechoslovakia


Czechoslovakia became a country in 1918 when it was carved from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, and, by 1933, was one of the most stable democracies in Europe.  The country was ruled by progressive, intelligent and fair politicians who could count on the support of a patriotic population (despite deep racial and cultural divides).  This wasn’t always the case for the sizable German minority.


The 3 million Germans–who opposed being separated from Germany in the first place–continued to pose problems for the Prague government.  In 1920, Germans were not allowed to participate in the forming of a constitution.  Afterwards, a series of small German rebellions shook the Sudetenland.  For several years of the mid-to-late 20’s, German agitation turned to a more constructive detente, but in 1933, when Hitler began to promise a Reich for all Germans, the German minority in Czechoslovakia began to grumble again. 


Beginning in the early-20’s, the Czech army began to patrol the German-Czech border with increased diligence as weapons, prostitutes, drugs and hostile political elements crossed back and forth.  By 1933, the Czech government was actively worried about a porous border and the clearly foreseeable threat from Nazi encroachment.


The Sudeten Mountains have long been home to packs of werewolves. There are though a number of small fortified keeps controlled by the Tzimisce and Tremere who have somehow made peace with their lupine neighbors.  Most vampires avoid the region if possible, knowing full well that the region is extremely dangerous.


Yes, umm, you may choose to take a little trip soon.

Oct 252010

First off, we spent about an hour and a half just running through some combat.  I was just winging it and, in one case, decided to put a ridiculously strong mage in the combat just to see what might happen (yeah, “iron man” was completely overpowered and I have no true mechanical rationale for his -10 on defense–I just wanted to get a sense of NPC power-levels vs your team of ninja-vampires).

 Then, we settled into some RP.  The players had been called to Maria’s estate to guard the Seekers as they did, well, something in the basement.  The PCs got a chance to do a little BSing and sizing each other up before a phone rings and, a few minutes later, Fritz going berserk below.

 I’ll could post the chat log if that’s something folks would like to read.  It would take a bit of editing though as private messages to the Storyteller also appear.  Thoughts?

At any rate, post your journals/stories/whatever here.

Oct 162010

Here’s the schedule through Novemeber.

  • 23 Oct.  Kick-off date, some rule-learning and housekeeping.
  • 6 Nov.
  • 20 Nov.

After that, I expect we’ll have to see what people have planned for Thanksgiving and the December holidays.

Oct 162010

In the year 1933 . . .

  • 30 Jan., Hitler becomes Chancellor
  • 3 Feb., Lebensraum defined as the true purpose of the Nazi Party
  • 27 Feb., Reichstag fire
  • 5 Mar., Nazi party claims 44% of general election vote
  • 20 Mar., Dachau concentration camp (KZ) created
  • 23 Mar., Enabling Act passes due to an alliance between the Catholic Centre Party and the Nazis
  • 31 Mar., Communists and other “enemies of the Fatherland” are excluded from government
  • 1 Apr., First boycott of Jewish shops
  • 7 Apr., Jews and non-Aryans are banned from practicing law and working in the civil services.
  • 26 Apr., Gestapo formed by Herman Goering; Nazi take over local governments
  • 1 May, Trade union offices are stormed by SA
  • 2 May, Trade unions are officially banned
  • 10 May, Book burnings begin
  • 14 Jul., All political parties, except the Nazi party, are banned
  • 20 Jul., Reichskonkordat signed with Rome. Violations begin immediately.
  • 21 Oct., Germany withdrawals from the League of Nations

The campaign will begin on the night of 21 Oct, 1933.   (The prelude combat exercise will happen ‘some time before’ this date.)

Sep 272010

Yesterday, we got 5 player characters created.  I had forgotten how complicated things can get, but, in the end, it went well.  I’m amazed at how different characters can be in the World of Darkness and how completely customizable any template can be.  You really can make any kind of character you want, even the ‘useless’ characters are rather interesting and completely viable.

 Today, I played out the first prelude.  It took me a bit of time to understand what I was doing, but Kal was a good sport.  I wanted to establish some PC-NPC relationships through RP instead of just forcing them.

 You may post your journals concerning your prelude here (for 1 xp).